Opinion: We might have freed ourselves from the pandemic, but we are still slaves to elections and temporary governments; so what do we do with this paradox? Celebrate, I mean we do have a full calendar year to make up for

This time we are not only celebrating our independence. How long have we all been vaccinated? A month or two? How long have we been free (well almost) from the pandemic?

We are able to walk around, meet friends and family, sit at restaurants, feel the way New Zealanders probably feel.

חוגגים ומטיילים בגן סאקר בירושלים
Celebrating Israel’s 73rd Independence Day at Sakher Park in Jerusalem (Photo: Yoav Dudkevitch)


Our independence – which we have started to take for granted – this year is truly deserving of celebration.

Israel might be 73 years old, but by the COVID calendar we have only recently regained independence, with every one of us fighting tooth and nail to reach this holiday.

But this is still not truly a day of independence, as we more than ever become slaves to elections, political deadlock and continuous slaying of sacred cows for personal gain.

We are in bondage to temporary government after temporary government, trapped between non-existent budgets and non-existent justice ministers.

חיילי צה"ל מצביעים בקלפיות
An IDF soldier votes in the March 2021 elections (Photo: Israel Defense Forces)


Independence Day 2021 is both the most free and most shackled we have ever been.

And what do we do with this paradox? We celebrate. We have earned it given we have a full calendar year to make up for.

As anyone who has worked a day in their life knows, it is much more preferable to be the captain of your own ship than serving as the second mate – more so in a pandemic and a global one at that.

Seventy three years on, we have not reached Israel’s final form, always adding more features, always looking for supporters and nowhere close to an exit strategy for our woes.

חוגגים ומטיילים בגן סאקר בירושלים
Israelis celebrating Independence Day with a barbecue at Sacher Park in Jerusalem (Photo: Yoav Dudkevitch)


We must free ourselves from the political, mental, social and state impasse we have plunged into.

We must free ourselves of the cycles of mutual hate and interminable inconclusive election reruns and realize that the only one true decision unites us all: independence.

This is a choice that we make every single day and to keep being able to make it, we must move forward and fast.

Happy Independence Day to all. We earned those splendid barbecues.

As reported by Ynetnews