Military defectors says missiles targeted Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases, Syrian army says projectiles flying over Golan stuck several sites, air defenses downed some missiles

Israel struck targets in southern Syria on Wednesday in the third such attack in nearly 10 days, state TV reported as military defectors said the missiles targeted Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases.

A military spokesman said missiles flying over the Golan Heights targeted several locations and air defenses downed several missiles. Live coverage showed a multi-story building on fire.

מערכות ההגנה האווירית הופעלו בשמי דמשק
Syrian air defenses activated during an alleged Israeli strike on Damascus in July


There was no immediate comment from an Israeli military spokesman on the reported Syria strike.

The bases in eastern, central and southern Syria which Israel had hit in recent months are believed to have a strong presence of Iranian-backed militias, according to intelligence sources and military defectors familiar with the locations.

Western intelligence sources say Israel’s stepped up strikes on Syria in the last few months are part of a shadow war approved by the United States and part of the anti-Iran policy that has undermined in the last two years Iran’s extensive military power without triggering a major increase in hostilities.

תיעוד מתוך הטלוויזיה הסורית: "יירוט" התקיפה הישראלית
Syrian television pictures of air defenses activated during an alleged Israeli strike last month


Israeli defense officials have said in recent months that Israel would step up its campaign against Iran in Syria where, with the help of its proxy militias, Tehran has expanded its presence.

As reported by Ynetnews