By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for
By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for


  1. A person who cannot stop smoking is in violation of a Torah prohibition for every cigarette – “Do not return to Mitzrayim.” The purpose of being redeemed from Mitzrayim was so that we would be subjucated to no one but Hashem (Heard from my Rebbe).
  2. When a person is young he should focus on refining his character traits so that he can serve Hashem with passion and happiness. (Ohr Yisroel #30)
  3. The knowledge of how to perform tikun Hamidos, oerfecting one’s character is primarily dependent upon understanding psychology and human conduct. (Ohr Yisroel #20)
  4. The best way to avoid violating a particular aveirah is to study the halachos of that aveirah (Igeres HaMussar).
  5. A person who accepts yesurim b’ahavah, suffering with love, will be blessed in 3 ways: with children, long life, and Torah (Ohr Yisroel #24).
  6. Man is completely unrestricted in where his inclination can take him, but quite limited in his reason and logic (Igeres HaMussar).
  7. Even if you do not notice any change within you on account of Mussar study – it is still there and will make an impression on you (Ohr Yisroel #10)
  8. A person should think about his obligation to keep a particular Mitzvah even in extreme situations. He should then compare that to his current situation.  The fact that it is so much easier carries with it an order of magnitude punishment if he fails to perform it. (Ohr Yisroel #8)
  9. The human mind can be trained to think two things simultaneously. This can be employed to the benefit of serving the klal and not being mevatel from Torah at the same time (in the name of the Alter of Slabodka, Imros Tehors p. 306 Maamar #4).

As reported by Vos Iz Neias