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NEW YORK (Newsmax) – Although many people returning to work fear that taking the elevator is a major way that the coronavirus is transmitted, this does not appear to be the case, ABC News reported on Monday.

A study of a virus spread in March at a 19-story building in Seoul, South Korea, suggested that it was transmitted almost exclusively between those working on the same floor, even though there was considerable interaction between workers from different floors.

“This argues that elevators are not a hot spot for transmission” said Dr. Todd Ellerin, director of infectious diseases at South Shore Health in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Emory University epidemiology professor Dr. Carlos del Rio emphasized that the Seoul study showed the critical importance of wearing masks, since everyone was most likely wearing one there, as the practice is so prevalent in South Korea.

Experts agree that the main factor decreasing the chances of catching the virus in an elevator is the short time that people are in one, according to ABC.

But the experts emphasize that since an elevator is still a small box with multiple people sharing the space, it is best to take basic precautions, such as standing as far as possible from other riders, touching as little as possible, and wearing a mask.

The last suggestion appears to be the most important, because a recent study showed that if half or more of the population wore masks, transmissions of the coronavirus might drop dramatically.

Experts point out, however, that mask-wearing is unfortunately not as prevalent in the United States during the crisis as it is in other places.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias