Opinion: The government will not take responsibility for its coronavirus failings, so it is up to us all keep ourselves and others safe – and if someone shows such a blatant disregard for others by ignoring health regulations, feel free to tell them they are putting us all at risk

One of the most aggravating traits of the Israeli people is that they have few states of mind, usually veering between relaxed nonchalance and outright panic.

And given that in the last few weeks there was plenty of nonchalance on Israel’s streets, it is safe to assume that in about two weeks time people will start to panic.

אנשים מטיילים ומתאמנים בטיילת תל אביב למרות ההגבלות
Tel Aviv’s boardwalk packed on a Saturday afternoon (Photo: Yeal Goisky)


In the past few days Israel’s streets have been positively buzzing with people. Assorted social media posts from the weekend reveal but a small taste of what everyone is seeing during a visit to the supermarket.

But the problem is that we are all dependent on each other. And oh! How I wish this weren’t the case.

With social distancing appearing to be taken as more of a suggestion than an order, we cannot be shy about scolding those who don’t wear a mask in public or reporting business owners whose customers appear without protection. Your life is at stake – do not die of shame.

מחאת גננות בתל אביב
People wearing masks during protest in Tel Aviv (Photo: Reuters)


The government, of course, carries the responsibility for this disgraceful state of affairs – and as experience has taught us, the politicians are certainly not going to admit it.

From the lack of personal example set by our leaders, who have violated the regulations one by one and who continue to make decisions based on unclear data, to the fact that even Moshe Bar-Siman-Tov, the director-general of the Health Ministry doesn’t know what regulations are currently in effect, it is clear that we must take matters into our own hands.

Visits to the supermarket, the grocer and the bakery, have taught me this: While 90% of the customers in these places have a mask on somewhere on their bodies (the other 10% apparently couldn’t be bothered), the majority are not wearing them correctly.

סניף שופרסל בבני ברק בצל הקורונה
Supermarket in Bnei Brak (Photo: Motti Kimchi )


There are those who use the mask to protect their chins, there are those who make more of an effort and and actually place the mask over their mouths, leaving just their noses unimpeded in spraying their germs.

Then there are those who cover both their mouth and their nose, but take their mask off for momentary relief, also giving their germs a moment in the sun.

What is so difficult? Wearing a mask helps to protect others. If you see me passing by with a mask covering my nose and mouth, consider it a sign that I give a damn about you.

אנשים מטיילים ומתאמנים בטיילת תל אביב למרות ההגבלות
Tel Aviv’s boardwalk on Saturday (Photo: Yeal Goisky)


Even if we look completely healthy, there is a chance that we are infected without showing any symptoms, and wearing a mask is our way of protecting one another.

On the other hand, those who don’t wear a mask, or wear their mask half heatedly, are essentially screaming: “I could not care less about you!”

So feel free to tell those people off, insist on business owners barring customers who do not have their mouth and their nose covered.

Do not be embarrassed. Do not die of shame.

As reported by Ynetnews