The Health Ministry says the latest COVID-19 fatality is a 97-year-old man who contracted the virus at a nursing home in Bnei Brak and passed away at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot; he suffered from underlying health conditions

Among the latest fatalities is a 97-year-old man who passed away at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot. The hospital said he suffered from underlying health conditions and had been transferred from a nursing home in the city of Bnei Brak.

דקת דומיה בקפלן
Medical staff at Kaplan Medical Center (Photo: Kaplan Medical Center )


Of the latest number, 105 people are in serious condition, a rise of 2% over the past 24 hours, with 82 patients needing ventilator support, a drop of 1%.

The Health Ministry said there are 6,363 people currently infected with the pathogen, while 9,593 have recovered from the disease.

A total of 304 people currently being treated in hospitals, while 3,654 are battling the virus at home. Some 1,599 are in specially designated hotels with another 807 awaiting a decision on how they will be treated.

קופ״ח לאומית מתגברת את הבדיקות באזור חורה עקב ההתפרצות של נגיף הקורונה באזור
Coronavirus testing center in the Bedouin village of Hura (Photo: Clallit HMO)


Jerusalem still leads in the rate of COVID-19 spread in Israel with 80 new cases in the past three days, followed by the Haredi cities of Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh with 19 new cases.

In Petah Tikva and the southern Bedouin town of Hura at least eight new cases have been reported in the past three days.

In Tel Aviv only two new COVID-19 cases were recorded in the past 72 hours, while in the northern city of Haifa no new cases were reported.

As reported by Ynetnews