Netanyahu said he will enlist youth and military to assist in disinfection efforts in public places including buses and trains, considering extending the school Purim holiday while the Air Force will be tasked with ensuring supply of vital materials including medicine

The Health Ministry confirmed four new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, bringing the total to 25.

Twenty people are hospitalized with the virus, including a 38-year-old East Jerusalem man in serious condition after driving a group of Greek pilgrims who were infected.

החולה מנס ציונה נכנסת לבית החולים שיבא
File of a coronavirus patient being transported to the hospital(Photo: Shaul Golan)


A woman who had come into contact with the Greek pilgrim group is also now confirmed to have contracted the virus.

A 50-year-old man who recently visited Barcelona is among the newly confirmed cases and is now hospitalized with mild symptoms.

A Tel Aviv resident who returned from Italy has been quarantined according to Health Ministry guidelines and left his home only to vote at a designated polling station on March 2.

The fourth new confirmed patient is a man who recently returned from Spain and is from central Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he intends to enlist school children and IDF soldiers to assist in disinfecting public places in order to mitigate the chances of the virus spreading.

בנימין נתניהו
Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks of new plans to fight the spread of the coronavirus (Photo: TPS)


“The pandemic does not affect children or teens, thank God,” he said. “We have to disinfect public spaces… buses, trains and the like.”

Youth movements responded positively to the prime minister’s call with some already announcing they will join the efforts.

Netanyahu said he was considering extending the Purim school break and will tap the military to help in the efforts, including the Air Force that will be asked to ensure the supply of vital materials such as medicine is transported to Israel.

“Israel is almost in the best possible state of preparedness because of our strict policies so we have things under control and intend to keep them that way,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister said there is a rise in cases in the past 48 hours and the rate of infection is probably faster than previously thought.

“I’ve spoken to world leaders and initiated a conference call for later in the week do see how countries can help each other in this world-wide pandemic,” Netanyahu added.

Netanyahu also said he will open a line of credit for businesses that are suffering and will enlist the best minds in Israel to find a way for mass examinations that will help separate the sick from those who are well and can continue to preserve Israel’s economy.

As reported by Ynetnews