As another cold front sweeps through the region, meteorologists warn of flooding due to heavy showers across all parts of the country; snowfall expected on Mount Hermon

Rainfall in Tel Aviv
Rainfall in Tel Aviv

A cold front that has swept through Israel in the past 24 hours intensified on Wednesday with showers and thunderstorms, sometimes accompanied by hail, set to hit most parts of the country.

The Meteo-Tech meteorological company said there are fears of flooding in eastern and southern rivers.

Rainfall is expected to continue until Thursday afternoon when it will cease for over 24 hours and resume again on Saturday.

The Water Authority reported on Wednesday that the Sea of Galilee’s water level has risen by an additional 2 cm (0.7 inches) since Tuesday morning and currently stands at -209.86 meters (-64 feet) below sea level.

Israel’s only freshwater lake is currently 1.06 meters (3.4 feet) short of its full capacity.

הצפות בטיילית בטבריה
Stormy weather on the Sea of Galilee (Photo: Oshri Vizman)


In the northern city of Haifa, the temperatures will range from 16 degrees celsius during the day Thursday to just 12 degrees at night. In Tel Aviv, the weather will be similar, with a range of 16 degrees during the day and 11 degrees at night.

In the southern city of Be’er Sheva, temperatures will range from 14 degrees throughout the day to 10 degrees at night. In Jerusalem, the temperatures will be cooler, reaching 10 degrees during the day and falling to 8 degrees overnight.

On Friday it will be partly cloudy, with a slight rise in temperatures during the day. But, rainfall and thunderstorms are expected to resume in the evening hours. There is a possibility of snow on Mount Hermon.

On Saturday the weather will be rainy and cloudy, with showers expected mainly in the northern and central areas.

Rainfall will also spread to the coastal region as the day continues.

As reported by Ynetnews