According to state media, four rockets hit base and only caused material damage; location has been targeted several times in the past for suspicion of being storage point for Quds Forces in Syria

The T-4 airbase
The T-4 airbase

The Israeli Air Force attacked T-4 military airport near the city of Homs in western Syria, state news agency SANA reported Tuesday.

According to the report, four missiles hit the base, causing no casualties.

Syrian television reports that the attack was carried out by unmanned aircraft and by missiles partially intercepted by air defense systems.

The T-4 airbase has been attacked at least four times in recent years.

The base is believed to be a storage point for personnel and equipment delivered and used by Iran’s Quds Forces in Syria.

These attacks were attributed to the Israeli Air Force.

Last week, Lebanese news outlet Al Mayadeen reported that Israeli fighter jets attacked a weapons truck and personnel at the Al Bukamal border crossing between Iraq and Syria.

According to a report by the United Kingdom-based Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitor – eight activists belonging to the pro-Iranian militia Al-Hashad Al-Sha’abi were killed in the attack.

The human rights watchdog did not attribute the attack to Israel, claiming that its sources report that Russian President Vladimir Putin has updated Syrian President Bashar Assad that the United States intends to close the land route between Tehran and Beirut, which passes through Al Bukamal.

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