In a convention for The New Right party, Defense Minister Naftali Bennet said that despite the merger with Likud for the current Knesset, in a third election the party will run independently.

New Right Leader Naftali Bennet at a party convetion (photo credit: Courtesy)
New Right Leader Naftali Bennet at a party convetion (photo credit: Courtesy)


Defense Minister and New Right Leader Naftali Bennett said his party will run independently in the upcoming elections, should they take place.

Bennett, who headed the party with Ayelet Shaked, made the statement Monday at a convention for the New Right in response to a question about the merger of New Right with Likud in the current Knesset. Bennett did say that the party is open to additional mergers, as well.

“If the party leader won’t set themselves straight, in 15 days we will find ourselves in a third election in one year,” Bennett said. “And if we’re going into an election against our will, the New Right party will run independently for the Knesset.

“I have already Informed the prime minister,” Bennett continued. “He is aware that we are running as a party and are open for mergers. We will do what is right for Israel. The New Right is making a comeback.”

Shaked added, “We’re doing everything we can to prevent an election.

“The estimation is that another election will weaken the Right,” she said at the convention. “There’s a real danger that in the next election, should it happen, the Left and the Arabs will reach 61 mandates.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post