Opinion: The prime minister’s opponents want to the courts to decide whether he can remain in power while facing indictments, but such a step could backfire, whatever the outcome, and only serve Netanyahu’s interests

In some circles, let’s call them “the enlightened public”, there is a feeling that this is time to deliver another blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is already limping.

Netanyahu’s tempestuous performance immediately after the attorney general’s decision to indict him wasn’t his most glorious nor his more convincing and he only harmed himself.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a governemnt meeting (center) (Photo: EPA)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a governemnt meeting (center) (Photo: EPA)


Not all his claims were unfounded, but these claims aren’t the answer to the very compelling evidence showcased in the indictment.

Even if there were political motivations in play during the investigation – and even givign him the benefit of the doubt that some outrageous steps were taken by police – no one can hide the corruption, even if it’s not necessarily criminal.

Last Friday I went grocery shopping as usual at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, and I have news for the Likud leadership and Netanyahu himself – public opinion it is a-changin’.

As much as the discourse on social media is becoming increasingly bellicose, it was there at the market where I heard fans of the Likud leader say that his time has passed – he has become a liability to the party.

The 70-year-old is desperately clutching onto his seat and he efforst to do so just aren’t working as well anymore.

There are politicians in the Likud leadership who understand the present situation – they understand that something major has befallen them.

The volition to strike while the iron is hot is leading members of the “Just Not Bibi” camp to peition the High Court of justice – they want the court to do exactly what Netanyahu refuses and Likud is too hesitant to do – depose the prime minister through legal channels rather than political.

We can assume the judges won’t rule on these petitions out right off the bat. They will solemnly discuss them, a move that was approved by former Supreme Court Justice Eliyahu Matza, and this is exactly what Netanyahu needs. He wants to prove to that the judges and jurists are the ones in control of the State of Israel.

As reported by Ynetnews