BROOKLYN, NY (VosIzNeias) – An iconic pricey NON kosher steak house regarded by many as America’s finest and most worldly famous is being trashed The New York Times, esteemed reviewer Pete Wells.

Under the headline “Peter Luger used to sizzle. Now it sputters.” Wells in a blistering report gives a zero start review for the steakhouse for being overpriced, having poor service and inconsistent food and calling it a scam. “You start to wonder who really needs to go to Peter Luger, and start to think the answer is nobody,”

The legendary steakhouse famous for its cash-only policy has been around since 1887, and its located on Broadway right off the Williasmburg bridge.

Wells’s scathing review set loose a flurry of responses — some from New Yorkers all-too eager to agree that quality has declined, others from die-hard fans rising to the defense of the restaurant.

“Peter Luger is an institution. There’s no critic who will be able to take that restaurant down,” Chris Coombs, a Boston-based restaurateur, and owner of the steakhouse Boston Chops told FOX Business. “You have generations of people who have been going there for years. Just because that concept hasn’t necessarily aged well with the standards of food critics, does not strip Peter Luger of its novelty.”

The restaurant remains on Zagat’s list of the city’s top 10 steakhouses.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias