Several plastic bullets were fired with an air gun. The police arrested two suspects.

Blue and White rally in Rehovot on August 29, 2019. Shots were fired with an air pistol.
Blue and White rally in Rehovot on August 29, 2019. Shots were fired with an air pistol.. (photo credit: ELAD GUTTMAN)


Two people were mildly injured in a drive-by airgun shooting at a Blue and White rally in Rehovot on Thursday night.

A drive-by shooter took aim at a crowd of supporters listening to Blue and White number two Yair Lapid make a speech. The two sole victims had minor flesh wounds.

According to a police report, the gun was an air pistol firing small plastic bullets. Several shots were fired. A few hours later, the police arrested two suspects ages 16 and 26, residents of Rehovot.

Blue and White’s leaders denounced a trend of violence in the current political climate.

Benny Gantz noted that, while the circumstances of the Rehovot incident still need to be investigated by the police, a few days ago a relative of his was beaten and that people use violent language.

“This is the result of incitement. I call on the Prime Minister to personally speak up and say that all violence, any excesses and any action that can create conflict must be stopped immediately. We disagree politically but we belong to the same society and the same country. We know from the past what happened when these trends started,” Gantz said.

Lapid thanked all those who expressed their support, but also noted that “the shooting did not happen in a vacuum, the current climate and incessant incitement sparked it. If we don’t do anything, next time it will end up much worse.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post