The prime minister also lashes out at those pushing him to launch a large-scale military operation in the Hamas-controlled enclave in response to incendiary balloon terror, calling it ‘the propaganda of so-called experts’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday accused the Palestinians of being “determined to continue the conflict at any price,” and slammed those pressuring him into launching a wide-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking at his weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu was referring to the Palestinian leadership’s rejection of last week’s Mideast peace conference in Bahrain aimed at providing economic assistance. The Palestinian Authority accuses the U.S. of trying to replace Palestinian statehood with money.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  (Photo: AP)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: AP)


Netanyahu says while Israel welcomed the U.S.’s $50 billion Palestinian development plan, the Palestinians themselves denounced it and even arrested a Palestinian businessman who participated in it. The businessman, Saleh Abu Mayala from Hebron, has since been released.

“This is not how those who want to promote peace act,” the prime minister said. “In contrast, we are continuing to advance ties with the Arab world, including today, and this serves everyone.”

Netanyahu then addressed the situation on the southern border, saying those who urge him to go to war in Gaza will be the first ones to criticize him if he eventually resorts to a military operation in the Strip.

“I am not impressed by the propaganda of so-called experts. Many of them are offering us advice that they themselves would not implement if they were in power,” said the prime minister. “I am guided solely by one thing – the security of the State of Israel.”

Fire started by incendiary balloons in Israeli community bordering Gaza  (Photo: JMF-KKL)
Fire started by incendiary balloons in Israeli community bordering Gaza (Photo: JMF-KKL)


The 69 year old also emphasized the incendiary balloon terror from Gaza, which over the past week sparked over 100 fires in Israeli communities bordering the Hamas-controlled enclave, is not taken lightly by the government.

“Last week we imposed heavy sanctions on Hamas including halting fuels. If we need to, we will employ much harsher measures. We are taking these actions in consultation with all security elements.”

As reported by Ynetnews