It is not clear when the political part of the plan would be released.

WHAT DO Donald Trump and Jared Kushner have up their sleeves?
WHAT DO Donald Trump and Jared Kushner have up their sleeves?. (photo credit: REUTERS)


WASHINGTON – The economic part of the US peace plan will be revealed on June 25 in Bahrain during an international conference, the White House announced Sunday. It is unclear when the political part of the plan will be released.

According to a senior administration official, representatives from the EU, Asia and the Arab world, as well as Palestinian businessmen, will attend the “Peace to Prosperity” economic forum in the capital, Manama.

The conference will facilitate discussions on an ambitious vision for the Palestinian people and the region, including enhancements to economic governance, development of human capital, and facilitation of rapid private-sector growth, the White House said. “If implemented, this vision has the potential to radically transform lives and put the region on a path toward a brighter future.”

“The economic plan has a comprehensive approach that would allow Palestinians to raise the standard of living,” the official said.

He added that the workshop would focus on governance reform, “and on how to make the area more investable so that people will have much greater opportunity.”

The official did not provide details regarding the political part of the plan.

“We will release it when we think it’s appropriate,” he said.

Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, thanked Bahrain on Sunday for hosting the workshop. “We look forward to engaging with business and thought leaders from throughout the region and the world to build consensus around the best steps the international community can take to develop the foundation for a prosperous future,” he said in a statement.

“The Palestinian people, along with all people in the Middle East, deserve a future with dignity and the opportunity to better their lives. Economic progress can only be achieved with a solid economic vision, and if the core political issues are resolved. We look forward to presenting our vision on ways to bridge the core political issues very soon,” Kushner added.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a press release that he is looking forward to participating in the discussion, adding that “[this] vision will offer Palestinians exciting new opportunities to realize their full potential. This workshop will engage leaders from across the entire Middle East to promote economic growth and opportunity for the people in this important region.”

The Prime Minister’s Office had no comment on the reports about the planned seminar in Bahrain, or whether Israel had received an invitation to attend. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon is expected to be the Israeli representative at the meeting if, as reported, it will be a meeting between finance ministers, and he is the Israeli finance minister in the next government.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post