‘Material Girl’ singer said she believes in the power of music to unite people around the globe

Madonna performs at 2019 Eurovision Song Contest
Madonna performs at 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. (photo credit: ORIT PNINI/KAN)


Madonna told Eurovision co-host Assi Azar in the early hours of Sunday morning that she was thrilled to be in Israel.

Azar introduced the superstar at the Eurovision grand finale, saying it was a “very emotional night” to talk to “the biggest pop star in the world.”

The co-host welcomed Madonna to Israel, and she replied: “so great to be here.”

Madonna said while she was enjoying Tel Aviv, she was mostly at her hotel and then rehearsing: “I look at the beach.”

Madonna spoke to Azar shortly before she took the stage at the Expo Tel Aviv and performed two songs: “Like a Prayer” and “Future” with guest star Quavo. During her performance of “Future,” two figures appeared on stage holding hands, both adorned with flags – one an Israeli flag, and the other a Palestinian flag.

Earlier, during the interview, Madonna touted the power of music to unite people from around the globe.

“Everyone here is from all over the world,” she said. “So many countries that I have been privileged enough to visit, and experience, and the one thing that brings me to those countries, and the thing that brings all of us here tonight, is music, and the power of music to bring people together.”

Turning to the 26 gathered delegations seated behind her in the green room, Madonna said that everyone competing were “all winners no matter what happens.” The singer said she knows that in order “to get here, where you are right now, was not easy.”

Eurovision co-host Erez Tal then conducted a short interview with rapper Quavo, part of the famed Migos trio, who collaborated with Madonna on her recent single “Future.”

Quavo told Tal that this was first time in Israel “and I’m just like wow.” The rapper said this trip was “my first time in Tel Aviv, I went to Jerusalem, I went to the Holy Land – it was a great experience, it touched me.” He added that he “went to Western Wall, just today I went.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post