Opinion: As Netanyahu heads toward his 5th term, repercussions of his divisive campaign remain. Likud brass should expect to be disappointed as the lucrative ministerial posts, finance, defense and foreign ministry, are expected to go to coalition partners. It is worthwhile that all parties commit to respect their political adversaries.

Five things to think about in the wake of the election results and how primary portfolios will elude Likud ministers, again, in the new government.

Number one: ‘Mutual respect’

In the days leading up to the elections I suggested all party leaders sign a joint declaration stating they will respect the results, whatever they are. Now I suggest a new one. I propose they all declare the majority and the minority are to be respected and their rights protected including their right to pass judgment on those in power.

As recounted by the notable author, David Grossman, “I am reminded of the man standing outside the Whitehouse for years, holding up a sign protesting the Vietnam War. One day a journalist asked him: “tell me sir, do you really think you can change the world”? “I am just making sure the world does not change me” the man answered.

Benjamin Netanyahu  (Photo: MCT)
Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: MCT)


Number two: The thing with Netanyahu

I am often asked what I have against Netanyahu. My response is that I’ve had the privilege of covering Israeli premiers from Begin to Netanyahu. It has given me a perspective into their conduct as well as their decision making process. Netanyahu is leading in duration of tenure but is far beneath his predecessors when it comes to personal conduct.

Number three: I was wrong

I have not often erred in my projections of election results. This time though, I was wrong. I was confident Gantz would become the next prime minister. Gantz presented an alternative to Netanyahu, despite the hate and filth flung at him by the latter’s supporters. He won the trust of over 1 million voters from all over the country.

I have just one request of him. Do not try to be someone you are not. I found Gantz’s attempts to portray himself as more blood-thirsty than Netanyahu, unconvincing

Outgoing Israeli cabinet after Trump recognition of Golan (Photo: Amit Shabi)
Outgoing Israeli cabinet after Trump recognition of Golan (Photo: Amit Shabi)


Number four: This little piggy had none
When party leaders meet with President Rivlin, to recommend he entrusts Netanyahu with the formation of the new government, there will be no surprises. Much like the nursery rhyme about three little pigs, Likud ministers will be at the end of the line for important portfolios. Netanyahu will have to grant his much smaller coalition partners their demands leaving his own party with scraps.

Number five: Making amends

An unnamed minister from the outgoing government announced, following Likud’s win last week, that the filth flung by his side, during the last campaign, was a legitimate tool needed to win the elections. No sir, it was not. Spare me your calls for reconciliation.

As reported by Ynetnews