Ze'ev Elkin


Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin has chosen an Anglo as his running-mate in the October 30 race for Jerusalem mayor: Former deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum.

Hassan-Nahoum made aliya in 2001 from London but was born and raised in Gibraltar. Her father, Sir Joshua Hassan, was prime minister of Gibraltar for nearly 40 years and brought democracy to Gibraltar.’

She has been in local politics for five years, the last two in the city council, and headed the Yerushalmim party for six months, until MK Rachel Azaria returned to the party she founded two weeks ago to run for mayor.

Hassan-Nahoum, 44, started talking to Elkin when she headed the party about running together with him. When Azaria returned, Hassan-Nahoum decided to join Elkin, who agreed to make her his number two candidate.

“Joining Elkin is right for the city, because we need to be consolidating all the voices that believe in a diverse and pluralistic Jerusalem,” Hassan-Nahoum said. “All these little parties are damaging those who want to keep the city diverse. I support him because I believe he has the correct vision for the city, experience to implement the vision, is the only candidate who can get all the sectors to vote for him, and he does not need the support of the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) block in order to win.”

Hassan-Nahoum said she was surprised when Azaria decided to run, instead of supporting Elkin. But she denied charges that her endorsement came from revenge against Azaria or the Yerushalmim party.

“Azaria’s run splits the pluralistic vote, and I had a real issue with that,” she said. “I am not motivated by revenge. I am motivated to be in the best place to serve my city.”

In return for her endorsement, Hassan-Nahoum received from Elkin commitments to stand behind the principles of keeping city pluralistic and diverse, jointly build a strong economic platform, and enable her to represent the city on a global level. She said they had a bond, because she and the Ukrainian-born Elkin were both immigrants to Israel.

“Elkin is smart enough to understand that Jerusalem’s global role is important, and I think that’s one of the reasons he wanted me on board,” Hassan-Nahoum said. “I’m very proud to represent the Anglo voice in Jerusalem in the future mayor’s party, and I will seek to advance aliya and the success of immigrants to the city, whether they’re new to the city or have been here 20 years. We need to do a lot better to ensure immigrants’ well-being.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post