Soldier is accidentally shot dead at an IDF base in central Israel; investigation has been opened into the incident; this is the first death of an IDF soldier by unintentional discharge since July.

An IDF soldier was killed Tuesday by an unintentional discharge in a base in the center of the country.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office stated that the military police had opened an investigation into the incident.

GOC Central Command Major General Nadav Padan instructed the establishment of a commission of inquiry to draw conclusions from the event, headed by the commander of the Fifth Division, Colonel Bezalel Shneid.

 (Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)


This has been the first death of an IDF soldier from an unintentional discharge since July, when IDF officer Lt. David Golovenchich was killed when a fellow soldier accidentally fired his rifle at the Gilbert Checkpoint in Hebron during a training exercise.

Last November, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded by friendly fire in a training accident at a base in the Jordan Valley. The soldier was evacuated by helicopter for medical treatment and has since recovered.

In September, a soldier was seriously injured when a grenade exploded near him during training at the training base of the Artillery Corps in the Negev.

In August, a soldier serving as a combat instructor in a covert unit fired at a soldier serving with him and moderately injured him. The soldier was arrested immediately after the incident and an indictment was filed against him.

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