Rapper Kosha Dillz, based in Los Angeles California, has released a video for his song regarding the Holocaust titled So Many People. After a trip to Poland with his family, he was inspired to write the song which is featured on his album “What I do All Day and Pickle.” The 11 track album, which debuted on 6 different Billboard charts, also featured Matisyahu on the song “dodging bullets’ which served to be a response to the BDS aggression both artists face in their prospective careers.

    “The creation of the song came after two trips to Poland” said Dillz. “I played there with Matisyahu in the Singer Festival and then went to visit the German occupied camps in Auschwitz -Birkenau and felt inspired to write the song immediately after. We weren’t on a Jewish guided trip, but a regular tourist trip, so we seen the disconnect amongst Jews and non-jews. To some it was a UNESCO site, and to others including us, it was everything. We made more of the video after we cam back for Ride for the Living, created by JCC Krakow, a 55 mile bike ride from Auschwitz to Krakow, followed by a performance in a 19th century synagogue for the 7 at Night festival.”

After sitting on the video for a whole year, director Ed Jansen and Kosha proceeded to splice documentary footage of previous Holocaust projects through out the video to show the story from start to finish. The reaction has been something new for Dillz, aka Rami Even-Esh, who is known mostly for his user-friendly hip hop that has songs in Spanish, Hebrew, and English along with other fun songs like Hangin Out and What’s Going On Upstairs.

    “To make something like this is what I want to be remembered by. It is always fun to laugh and enjoy, but knowing that we have the ability to impact a large group of people with an uncomfortable topic is huge opportunity that is often overlooked. Once I saw people selling Nazi Memorabilia openly in a Polish market , I noticed that we need to take new spins on the most uncomfortable subject in the world. the Holocaust. If it helps one person and opens up a few eyes, I did my job. This is the first time people are telling me they cried over my music.”

website: www.koshadillzworld.com