Sheldon Adelson
Las Vegas gaming tycoon and Israel Hayom proprietor Sheldon Adelson. (photo credit:REUTERS)


WASHINGTON – Without much time to spare, casino magnate and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson donated to Donald Trump’s campaign for president in a big way on Monday, after having pledged last spring to fund the unconventional candidate’s path to victory.

Coinciding with a visit by Trump to Las Vegas, Adelson – who has long prioritized issues concerning Israel in his political calculations– donated $25 million to his campaign, Fox News reported, describing the billionaire as “going all in on the Republican nominee” just one week before Election Day.

Citing “sources familiar with the donation,” the Fox report also claims Adelson is considering an additional $25 million gift before the week is over. He hopes that Trump’s chances to reach 270 electoral college votes have been revived after FBI director James Comey announced on Friday that the bureau would be searching through new e-mails possibly tied to a closed investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server.

Trump has a narrow path to victory, and has had difficulty attracting Republican mega-donors up until this point in the campaign.

Adelson’s money will be going to a superPAC called Future 45, which has in recent weeks run anti-Clinton ads comparing Clinton to former President Richard Nixon.

In May, Adelson reportedly promised to spend up to $100 million to elect Trump, topping the $93 million he spent in the 2012 cycle to elect former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, according to The New York Times. Prior to his Monday gift, Adelson had only given $10 million to Trump’s efforts.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post