Borough Park, NY – The corruption probe that rocked the NYPD last spring has claimed yet another police shield as a high ranking officer at Borough Park’s 66th Precinct was stripped of his badge and gun on Monday.

Lieutenant Michael Andreano was placed on desk duty as the investigation into a scheme that had police officers exchanging gun permits for bribes, reported the New York Post.

Andreano served as a sergeant for seven years at the 66th Precinct before being promoted to lieutenant.  In 2015 he was transferred to the 60th Precinct for three months before returning to the 66th Precinct, , according to DitmasParkCorner blog.

Captain Kenneth Quick, commanding officer of the 66th Precinct, said that Andreano was sorely missed during his short stint at the West Brighton station house.

“It was three of the longest months,” said Captain Quick as he welcomed Andreano back to the 66th Precinct in September 2015, noting that Andreano had been a unifying force in the community.

Andreano is not the first community affairs officer from the 66th Precinct to be disciplined in the probe.  Detective Michael Millici, a 27 year veteran of the precinct was stripped of his badge after refusing to testify at a grand jury hearing in April and was later fired for failing to appear at an internal NYPD hearing.  Because he has not been arrested or convicted of any crime, Millici will still be able to collect his full pension.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias