A report in Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ claims Prime Minister Netanyahu’s security entourage was forced to push aside two women who approached him while shouting ‘free Palestine’ as he made his way to his seat in the Richard Roger’s Broadway theater in New York

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security detail was forced to push aside two women as they attempted to approach him in a Broadway theater hall, according to a Saturday report in Britain’s ‘Daily Mail.’

Netanyahu completed his trip to New York by viewing a musical. During his trip, the prime minister addressed the UN General Assembly, met with President Barack Obama and with presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Netanyahu enters the Richard Rogers Theater in Broadway, New York
Netanyahu enters the Richard Rogers Theater in Broadway, New York

The incident took place in the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York when two women began shouting verbal abuse at the prime minister, calling out ‘Free Palestine.’ The women then attempted to barge their way through the security entourage and were quickly repelled. According to a report in the New York Post, members of the audience shouted abuse at Netanyahu.

After the show, other complaints were hears about the arrival of the prime minister. “It isn’t enough that it is hard to get tickets to a Saturday night show. Netanyahu’s arrival turned the theater hall into an airport,” someone wrote online.

Liz Hoffman, who was also present during Netanyahu’s visit, wrote: “It is perhaps the biggest security presence in the theater since Obama visited here. Netanyahu is in ‘da’ house.” Another spectator told the New York Post, “All the focus was on him. There was lots of applause but also boos.”

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