Moran Hadid wants to break a record by traveling to more European destinations than anyone else under the age of 18.

Israeli teenager Moran Hadid hasn’t yet reached the age of 18, but he’s already going for a Guinness world record. Hadid, 17, plans on being the person to visit the largest number of European countries.

“I’m a person who really really likes traveling, who enjoys it a lot‚Ķsearching for new people, new friends, different worlds, different cultures,” he told Ynet, “I’ve always wanted to break a world record and visit as many European countries as possible before the age of 18.”

A critical question for this matter is money. How did you fund these travels?

“I work. I funded the trip. Of course, supported by my parents, no doubt, but in principle the funding came 80 percent from me.”

You’re not the only one trying to break this record.

“That’s right, I have a competitor, a 19-year-old Chinese guy who has ‘conquered’ nearly all of Europe. I’m now in the process of breaking his record, but I haven’t yet received an answer on the matter.”

So, what, you just call Guinness and say, ‘Hi, I’m Moran, and I’m breaking a world record?’

“Not exactly that way. You fill in forms in detail, bring proof, and explain.¬† They examine things and come back to you later. In the meantime I’m waiting, but I’m optimistic.”

You have two months until you’re 18 and you need to visit five countries, which are they?

“Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, and Slovenia.”

The video is starting to go viral now, What are the responses like?

“A lot of ‘likes’ an shares, people have really been enthusiastic.”

Moran Hadid during his travels. (Photo: Moran Hadid)
Moran Hadid during his travels. (Photo: Moran Hadid)

Is there any envy?

“Of course, I won’t say (there isn’t). But in principle, (my) friends are supportive. Not everyone does this trip at this age.”

Moran hasn’t just visited Europe, he’s also spent some time living in Berlin. “That was a personal initiative as well,” he said. “I come from a very active place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I traveled with delegations in which I represented the state in this and that event, so I wanted to enrich (myself), learn a language, and I went to study German there for three months.”

Is there some ideology beyond just fun that pushes you to do this?

“Of course. I was an ambassador of the state. In every trip I take (note of) the diplomatic aspect. That is a responsibility for me.”

Which destination was your favorite?

“London, without any doubt.”

As reported by Ynetnews