After day of escalating violence with Gaza, Israel turns its gaze to the northern border after mortar shells land in Israeli territory, prompting IAF to take to the skies and and strike back; while mortar believed to be accidental, Israel says it will not tolerate any kind of fire into its territory.

The IDF struck at a mortar launchpad belonging to the Syrian army, located on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, Monday evening after it identified a mortar which had landed in an open area in Israel’s Golan Heights near the border fence with Syria.

Security fence on the border in the Golan Heights (Photo: AFP)
Security fence on the border in the Golan Heights (Photo: AFP)


Following the incident, the IDF released a statement saying that “The IDF it holds the Syrian regime as responsible for any action originating from within its borders, and will not tolerate any attempt to undermine Israel’s sovereignty or the security of it citizens.”

The mortar attack is considered to likely be the result of the Syrian civil war rather than a deliberate attack on Israel.

The strikes come one day after a marked day of violence sparked by a rocket fired into the Israeli town of Sderot on Sunday afternoon from the Gaza Strip. In retalation, the IDF launched combined artillery and air stike on dozens of Hamas targets in Gaza which continued into the night.

Israel’s response drew heavy criticism from Turkey despite the Israel-Turkey reconciliation agreement being recently ratified by the Turkish parliament. Israel, in turn, issued its own statement calling on Turkey to “think twice” before telling other countries what to do.

As reported by Ynetnews