“All over the country, communities are dealing with the same, very serious problem,” Said Ike Dweck, CASAC, CPGC – Founder and Executive Director of The SAFE Foundation. “Unfortunately, our youth is experimenting with drugs at early ages and developing addictions to dangerous substances at record rates.”

“Marijuana,” Dweck asserts, “Can act as a gateway drug to even more dangerous substance abuse.” He explained that people turn to smoking pot to escape unpleasant situations, thoughts, or feelings. However, tolerance to the drug builds quickly, making ‘the high’ less powerful. When that happens, the person usually turns to stronger substances to achieve the sought-out effect.  Dweck said, “And there goes the usual cycle and path from weed to pills, or what have you. At SAFE, we see this all the time.”

“To compound matters, the difficulties that existed before the drug use are usually exacerbated by this constant escapism and lack of real problem-solving which in turn often leads the person to seek out even more  unhealthy, mind-numbing ways to escape.” Dweck continued.

With the help of sources from, The SAFE Foundation has compiled a list of ten reasons why you should steer yourself, your children, your friends, and the future of this country away from Marijuana:

  1. Marijuana was found to be in the top 8 of the 20 drugs studied for drug harm to self and society and has proven to be a gateway to other highly addictive and dangerous drugs.
  1. There is a connection between Marijuana and decreased motivation, persistent procrastination, low self-confidence, and low
  1. Marijuana has negative effects on attention, memory, and learning.
  1. Pot smokers tend to get lower school grades, have higher rates of unemployment, and have lower relationship and life satisfaction.
  1. Marijuana may seriously affect fetal development, such as lower birth weights, and major malformations and Neurobehavioral abnormalities in the exposed offspring.
  1. Marijuana is addictive. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, increased aggression, anxiety, insomnia, and craving for the drug.
  1. Long-term users are at risk for anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.
  1. Marijuana smokers are more likely to have respiratory problems and affected bone metabolism.
  1. Cannabis smoke has many poisonous chemicals, which can have harmful effects on the body’s organs.
  1. The more Marijuana a male smokes, the greater the risk for complications with erectile function, fertility, and reproduction.