donald trump
Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Alex Wong/Getty Images


Donald Trump formally accepted the Republican nomination for president in Cleveland on Thursday.

“Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States,” Trump said.

Trump’s speech hit on many familiar themes, slamming the media and arguing that America “cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore.”

But Trump spent considerable time criticizing President Barack Obama and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Republican presidential nominee said that Obama regretted appointing Clinton secretary of state, criticizing her foreign policy legacy in countries like Libya and Syria that have been plagued by civil war.

“I am certain it is a decision he truly regrets. Her bad instinct and her bad judgment,” Trump said.

He added: “This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: Death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.”

Trump also attempted to cast Clinton as a representative of corporate interests, asserting that wealthy donors were attempting to influence the former secretary of state by donating money to her campaign.

“They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings,” Trump said.

The crowd’s enthusiasm in the hall occasionally boiled over, interrupting the real-estate magnate himself.

After Trump criticized Clinton’s character and honesty, the crowd began chanting “Lock her up!”

Trump paused, acknowledging the crowd’s chanting.

“Let’s defeat her in November,” Trump replied.

As reported by Business Insider