Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul Gaultier arrives for the world premiere of ”Absolutely Fabulous” at Leicester Square in London, Britain June 29, 2016. REUTERS/Paul Hackett


Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Thursday.

1. ISIS is the prime suspect after suicide bombers killed 41 people at an Istanbul airport. The attack on Europe’s third-busiest airport was the deadliest in a series of suicide bombings this year in Turkey.

2. Vodafone is threatening to move UK jobs to the European Union and Goldman Sachs has warned that banks could do the same,following Britain’s vote to leave the EU. Richard Gnodde, cohead of the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs, said he wouldn’t rule out moving some or all of the bank’s 6,500 UK staff members to Europe, according to The Times.

3. Puerto Rico will default on $1 billion of debt on Friday. “On July 1, 2016, Puerto Rico will default on more than $1 billion in general obligation bonds, the island’s senior credits protected by a constitutional lien on revenues,” the governor of the commonwealth, Alejandro GarcĂ­a-Padilla, wrote in an op-ed for CNBC.

4. Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as the Philippines’ president on Thursday . The new leader, nicknamed “Duterte Harry” after the Clint Eastwood character, has promised to kill drug dealers in order to eradicate crime.

5. British Prime Minister David Cameron put more pressure on opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign after shouting “For heaven’s sake man, go!” across the House of Commons on Wednesday. Cameron’s remark comes as members of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet continue to resign after the Labour leader lost a confidence vote.

6. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to close the “crisis chapter” in their relations, starting with resuming trade and dropping restrictive measures against Russian tourists visiting Turkey. The two countries have had a strained relationship since Turkey last year shot down a Russian warplane taking part in Moscow’s military campaign in Syria.

7. One black box on EgyptAir Flight MS804 stopped recording when it dropped off the radar at 37,000 feet, according to investigators who are continuing to analyse data from recovered flight recorders. The Airbus A320 plunged into the eastern Mediterranean Sea en route from Paris to Cairo on May 19, killing all 66 people on board.

8. US presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave a seemingly off-topic response when asked on “The O’Reilly Factor” what his message to women will be. “I can tell you right now what it is. It’s strength, it’s borders, it’s a strong military,” said Trump, who is trailing Hillary Clinton 51% to 32% among female voters.

9. Brazil’s Senate is panning its final vote on the impeachment of suspended President Dilma Rousseff the day before the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.Rousseff would be permanently replaced by interim President Michel Temer, if she is found guilty of breaking budgetary rules to help win reelection.

10. Michael Phelps has become the first male swimmer to qualify for the Olympics five times. “With everything that’s happened and being able to come back, that was probably harder than any swim I’ve had in my life,” Phelps said, after winning the men’s 200-meter butterfly at the US Olympic swimming trials.

As reported by Business Insider