The leader of the opposition was questioned by police again last week, it has come to light; Herzog’s office claims that this was a mere follow-up that had been requested a while ago.

Leader of the Opposition Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) was again questioned by police last week. Two months previously, the police’s Lahav 433 unit questioned him on suspicion of receiving illicit contribution, failing to report donations he received, and giving a false statement.

This investigation surrounds Herzog’s primary campaign for the leadership of the Labor Party three years ago.

According to a source in the opposition leader’s office who spoke on Wednesday night, “This was a small follow-up that had been planned for a while ago and got postponed. In Mr. Herzog’s opinion, nothing new came up. Herzog trusts the law-enforcement authorities and is certain that it will soon be proven that his conduct was impeccable.”

Isaac Herzog (Photo: Amit Shavi)
Isaac Herzog (Photo: Amit Shavi)


Several months ago, when news of the preliminary investigation leaked to the press, Herzog welcomed it, but stressed that “This is political slander that the Likud party and disgruntled activists tried to spread before the elections, and it was denied at the time. I’m certain the investigation will disprove these absurd claims once and for all. I will fully cooperate with whatever I’m asked to do, so the issue can be promptly clarified.”

A preliminary investigation was launched against Herzog in late March on suspicion he used funds from his private company – which specializes in bringing foreign caregivers into Israel – to fund his campaign during the Labor party primaries in 2013.

Allegations have been made that Herzog used a team of lawyers to hide the money, and make the financial transfer from his private company to his campaign appear legal.

As reported by Ynetnews