Israel Day
Jerusalem Day. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)


Knesset Speaker Yuli Eldestein received an email Saturday night in which parliamentarians from around the world reaffirmed their support for Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s undivided capital, in a letter sent in honor of Jerusalem Day.

The letter was sent by the chairmen of Israel Allies Caucuses in 20 countries on five continents, as well as by two US senators known for their strong support of Israel, Republicans Mark Kirk of Illinois and Ted Cruz of Texas.

“From our capitals to yours, we, the chairmen, members and supporters of Israel Allies Caucuses in the US Congress and in parliaments around the world, congratulate all inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel on the 49th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel,” the signatories wrote.

“Jerusalem Day serves as an important reminder that only under Israeli control has the rights of all ethnic and religious groups to enjoy the city’s religious and cultural sites been preserved. Three thousand years of the Jewish people’s connection to Jerusalem, and the Israeli government’s track record of allowing freedom of worship for all religions in Jerusalem, compels us to affirm the importance of Israel’s sovereignty and legal rights to its historic capital.”

The signatories wrote that they join with peace-loving people around the world over in wishing Israel peace and prosperity.

Jordanna McMillan, Israel Allies Foundation director of outreach and communications, said the letter was initiated due to recent international effort to force Israel to make territorial concessions in Jerusalem.

“When world leaders pressure the State of Israel to divide its historic capital, our network of international legislators stand with a united Jerusalem,” McMillan said.

“The signatories of the Jerusalem Day letter represent and give voice to millions of people across the world, men and women of faith, those who believe in democracy, freedom of religion, human rights, justice and equality under the law – values that are shared by the Jewish state. On this Jerusalem Day, we wanted to remind the leadership and citizens of Israel that Israel’s allies are standing boldly by their side in the halls of power worldwide, remembering and celebrating an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

The signatories included the co-chairmen of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, Republicans Trent Franks of Arizona and Doug Lamborn of Colorado, and Democrat Brad Sherman of California. There were also signatories from the European Union Parliament, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Latvia, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Colombia, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post