Activists for the advancement of Jerusalem block exits from capital in protest of governmental offices relocating elsewhere; ‘This goes against everything the prime minister has ever said.’

Members of a movement known as the “Awakening” took to the street on Sunday in protest against governmental offices moving outside of the capital, blocking off the exit from Jerusalem.

According to the law, “The seat of the government of Israel is in Jerusalem.” Nevertheless, around 60 governmental offices are currently located outside of the capital.

Moreover, Yedioth Ahronot discovered that Israel’s chief scientist, Avi Hasson intends to move his offices outside the capital while the Israel Broadcasting Authority returned with the intention of starting its new corporation activities there.

Jerusalem protest (Photo: Sharon Gabai)
Jerusalem protest (Photo: Sharon Gabai)


The activists held placards bearing slogans such as “stop the pull-out from Jerusalem,” a reference to the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.” While blocking the road they yelled chants of “Capital city without the government is contempt for the state.”

“Awakening” is a movement consisting predominantly of young individuals from Jerusalem who have made it their goal to promote Jerusalem as a Zionist, pluralistic and manufacturing city.

Chairman of the organization, Ofer Berkowitz who is also the deputy mayor of Jerusalem shared his thoughts on the matter. “The government of Israel is withdrawing from Jerusalem. Government offices leaving the city is totally against every declaration of the prime minister and his ministers,” he said. “This government is harming Jerusalem, of all times, after one-and-a-half years of a security crisis.”

As reported by Ynetnews