Despite not being able to pay the Russians for complete S-300 Surface to Air Missile systems, Iran still manages to find the money to fund groups committed to Israel’s destruction.

Russia has yet again frozen transfers of S-300 missile systems to Iran.

The S-300 is an advanced Surface to Air Missile (SAM) which can be used to take out incoming enemy fighter jets attempting to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

Moscow has already transferred three S-300 missile batteries to the Iranians, but have yet to send over the other two. This is because the Iranians have not been able to pay the Russians for the other two batteries

The systems which have already arrived are incomplete systems, as the Iranians have been unable to pay for all of the components. Nevertheless, the Iranians have already featured the missiles in military parades.

S-300 SAM system. Iran only has the missiles - no radar (Photo: AP)
S-300 SAM system. Iran only has the missiles – no radar (Photo: AP)


Despite Iranian budgetary woes, the Islamic Republic has somehow managed to find the funding to up the financial assistance it provides to its Lebanese puppet organization, Hezbollah. It provides approximately half of the terror group’s funding, which amounts to approximately one billion dollars a year.

Additionally, the Iranian regime also funds the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist organization which operates out of Gaza.

London-based Arabic newspaper a-Sharq al-Awsat reported that a delegation from the PIJ, headed by PIJ leader Ramdan Salah, recently visited Tehran, and met with Iranian leaders such as Qasem Suleimani, the head of the Iranian Republican Guards. According to the report, the Iranians are supposed to give the Palestinian terror group $70 million – supposedly enough money to enable the terror group to get stronger and effectively oppose Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Iranians are planning to continue fighting in Aleppo, Syria. After the Iranian’s losses there in the last few weeks – whereby dozens of Iranian soldiers and republican guards were captured or killed – the Revolutionary guards leadership decided to send a new special forces division to Syria.

As reported by Ynetnews