Independence Day ceremony at the Israeli Embassy in Amman
Independence Day ceremony at the Israeli Embassy in Amman. (photo credit:SOCIAL MEDIA)


The National Committee against Normalization, an organization aimed at resisting Jordan’s relations with Israel, has heavily criticized Jordanian officials who participated last week in the Israeli Independence day ceremony that took place at the Israeli Embassy in Jordan.

On May 17, the Israeli embassy in Amman hosted an official reception on the occasion of Independence Day. About 200 foreign diplomats and Jordanian officials attended the special ceremony.

During the ceremony, Israeli Ambassador to Amman Einat Shlain delivered a speech in which she touted Israeli-Jordanian relations and the bilateral collaboration between the countries in a myriad of fields.

In a statement issued on Monday, the anti-normalization committee strongly denounced “everyone who participated in the celebrations organized by the embassy of the oppressing entity on our Nakba Day.”

“While our nation faces the enemy, the international colonialism which is allied with the Zionist movement that attempts to rewrite the history of the region, some Arab leaders have tied their destiny and their interests to the Zionist-colonialist alliance,” the statement read.

“Some of the regimes have given up on our nation’s historic rights in Palestine and signed on treaties with the Zionist enemy, thereby giving legitimacy to its occupation and crimes,” the committee further noted.

“All the weak souls, who enable the enemy to vanquish them in their homeland, we denounce your cooperation with the Zionist enemy. Why does a free man celebrate the victory of his enemies and the defeat of his own people?”

“We, the National Committee against Normalization denounce everyone who participated in the celebrations hosted by the enemy’s embassy as well as the Arab security coordination with the leaders of the Zionist enemy,” the committee concluded its statement.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post