Amsterdam – A patron at a kosher cafe in Amsterdam has been hospitalized after an apparently unprovoked stabbing.

Ronnie Eisenmann, president of the advisory board of the Center for Information and Documentation Israel,  said that the attack took place at approximately 8 PM local time, when an unidentified English speaking man walked into the Rimon Grandcafe in the city’s Jewish Quarter.

Eisenmann said that the man left ten minutes later, crossing the street and going into a grocery store.

Amsterdam’s AT5 News reported that the man purchased a knife at the store before returning to Rimon.

After ordering a drink in the cafe, the man entered into a discussion with two women seated nearby, and then without warning, pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the women in the back before telling restaurant staff to call the police.  The victim was taken to a local hospital and does not appear to have sustained life threatening injuries.

Waitresses in the restaurant said that the man appeared to be confused and did not speak Dutch.  While the motive for the attack appears unknown, members of the local Jewish community are concerned for their safety.

“After the attacks in Paris we urged police to step up security,” Eisenmann told VIN News. “Our synagogues and main buildings have full security but we see that our shops and restaurants have much less security.”

Eisenmann asked police to pursue the matter seriously and to keep the public informed of all developments.

“It is crucial that authorities come around as soon as possible and tell us the motive for this crime,” said Eisenmann.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias