Jeff Bezos
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. REUTERS/Rick Wilking


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has had a nice three months.

On February 9, three months ago, Amazon’s stock was trading at around $482 a share.

On Tuesday, it finished at an all-time high of $703.07.

That’s a nice increase for Amazon investors, and for the company itself, which now boasts a market cap of roughly $332 billion.

But the biggest winner is undoubtedly Bezos, the company’s founder, who owns 17.6% of the e-commerce company.

That stake is now worth a whopping $58 billion. Three months ago, it was worth around $40 billion.

So to recap, Bezos’ personal stake in Amazon — on paper — has increased by $18 billion in just three months.

That’s a bump of roughly $200 million every day, or $8.3 million an hour.

Any questions?

As reported by Business Insider