Driveby shooting in northern Tel Aviv Saturday left one dead, one wounded; manhunt underway for shooters

Tel Aviv's Azrieli Center by night (Yehoshua Yosef/Flash90)
Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Center by night (Yehoshua Yosef/Flash90)


Police in the Tel Aviv area are bracing for a surge in violence between rival organized crime groups following a Saturday night shooting that killed the son of a top crime boss.

The son, 30, was mortally wounded in the shooting attack on Moshe Sneh Street in northern Tel Aviv. Unidentified assailants pulled up to the victim’s Mazda 3 at a red light and fired a large number of rounds into the vehicle. A second passenger, 45, was lightly wounded.

Both men were taken to the nearby Ichilov hospital, where the son was pronounced dead.

The assailants fled the scene. Police scrambled to close Moshe Sneh Street and deployed roadblocks around the city, especially along likely escape routes toward Highway 5 and the city’s northern exits.

The deceased man was not named, but sources in the police said he was a known criminal and the son of a crime kingpin in the Sharon area.

Officials described the incident as an apparent ambush by one criminal gang against another. The shooters are believed to have called the deceased man and asked to meet, luring him into the trap.

Police have raised the level of alert in the Tel Aviv region, while national Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich has promised to bolster the manpower available to the Tel Aviv police to help prevent an escalation in violence between criminal organizations.

“We’re expecting bloodshed,” one senior officer in the Tel Aviv police was quoted as telling the Walla news site. “We will have to stretch our forces.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post