Trump and Clinton
Trump and Clinton. (photo credit:REUTERS)


Fifty-one percent of Israelis believe the next president of the US will be better for Israel than President Barack Obama, according to a TNS poll taken for Channel 1 that was broadcast Sunday night.

Twenty-six percent believe there will be no change, and 15% said they do not know.

Only 8% said they think the next president will be worse for Israel. Obama will leave office when the next president is sworn in on January 20 in 270 days.

Support for Obama by Israelis has been low throughout his presidency. A poll sponsored by The Jerusalem Post in August 2009 found that only 4% believed his administration was more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian.

A WIN/Gallup International poll taken in December in 64 countries around the world and the Palestinian Authority found that Obama’s favorability was fifth lowest among Israelis after Russia, the PA, Pakistan and Armenia.

The Channel 1 poll asked Israelis how they view the front-runners for the nominations of the Democratic and Republican parties.

Some 68% said they viewed Democrat Hillary Clinton favorable and 14% unfavorably.

And 43% said they had a positive view of Republican Donald Trump, while 37% said they had a negative view of him.

Asked who would be better for Israel, 42% said Clinton, 34% Trump and 24% said neither of them or that they did not know.

When asked who would get along better with Israel’s prime minister, 42% said Trump, 32% said Clinton and 26% said neither or that they did not know

As reported by The Jerusalem Post