Faraday Future
Screenshot via Faraday Future


Since the company made its public debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Faraday Future has made a point of building its profile quickly.

So far, the California-based startup has bought 900 acres of land in the Nevada desert for its billion-dollar factory, hired executives from Tesla, BMW, GM, SpaceX and others, and obtained its first of more than 100 pending US patents.

To date, one of the remaining unknowns is Faraday’s future cars.

Up until now, the company revealed little about the vehicles being developed, only saying that test mules — automotive mock-ups that house its proprietary technology — are undergoing a broad range of testing.

The company recently teased an image of a potential concept.

faraday future vehicle teaser
A teaser image of what may be Faraday Future’s forthcoming production vehicle. Faraday Future


The cars are coming. At the ceremonial groundbreaking for its factory last week, Nick Sampson, Faraday Future’s SVP of research and development and engineering, told Business Insider “We’re testing both mechanical and software systems, and before the end of this year, we’ll have full prototypes that represent our production cars.”

Faraday followed up on its blog Thursday with a status update.

“Some people call a mule a ‘hacked-up car,'” Matt Lubbers, Faraday’s Brakes and Chassis Control engineer said. “They may not look like a production vehicle, but they certainly run like one.”

Lubbers touts Faraday’s strategy of testing multiple Faraday technologies in one mule.

“The powertrain, the suspension, the electrical architecture, the battery, the control system, they’re all here … this car is FF to its core.”

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