It was released for publication Monday evening that 5 Jews, including a soldier and 3 brothers, were arrested on suspicion of hate crimes against Palestinians.

Five Jewish youths were arrested, two of them aged 16 and 17, on suspicion of security offenses against Palestinians, it was released for publication Monday evening.

One of the boys was arrested a week ago and his detention was extended by a week. Another minor was arrested this morning and his detention was extended by a week. In addition a soldier was arrested. Three of the suspects are brothers.

A week ago another suspect, Schneur Dana, was arrested for burning a Palestinian vehicle, affiliation with criminal activities and involvement in an illegal organization. His detention was prolonged by three days. Another youth, Pinhas Shandorfy, was arrested along with Dana, and is suspected of security offenses. His detention was extended for an additional week for investigation purposes.

Burnt Palestinian car
Burnt Palestinian car


Attorney Aaron Rose, who is representing several of the suspects, said after the hearing that “I hope that the investigating authorities come to their senses soon and allow a meeting between myself and my clients for advice, a constitutional right that everyone is entitled to.”

The father of one of the suspects said that “it was not explained why we could not attend the hearing, and why they do not have permission to see a lawyer. To arrest someone for ten days is not reasonable. Ten days of arrest is something unreasonable. There is a double standard when it comes to those suspected of certain types of offenses.”

MK Itzik Shmuli (Zionist Union), chairman of the Knesset lobby against “price tag” attacks responded to the arrests stressing that “Israel must deracinate from its midst this scourge of Jewish terrorism directed against innocent people because of their political agenda. The response from the state must be clear and aggressive from the country without a hint of understanding or forgiveness due to circumstances.”

Last October a Palestinian vehicle in the village of Beit llu village near Ramallah, was set on fire, and on the wall of a nearby house the words “revenge Heinkin” were sprayed. (Eitan and Na’ama Heinkin were killed by Palestinian terrorists last October -ed.) That same month stones were thrown at Palestinian homes and vehicles.

As reported by Ynetnews