The Boston Globe is apparently planning a newspaper editorialthat opposes Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

In The Globe’s Sunday edition, the newspaper’s editorial board calls Trump’s raucous primary campaign “deeply disturbing” and “profoundly un-American.”

The piece, titled “The GOP must stop Trump,” throws several punches. Perhaps the biggest swipe is a satirical front page that The Globe says predicts what America might look like if the billionaire real-estate mogul moved into the White House.

The fake front page’s headline reads “DEPORTATIONS TO BEGIN” and features a number of fabricated stories designed to highlight the “toxic mix of violent intimidation, hostility to criticism, and explicit scapegoating of minorities,” that have characterized Trump’s presidential campaign, the paper said.

The GOP frontrunner has been the target of several scathing editorials from the nation’s largest newspapers. For example, The New York Times blasted Trump’s “racist lies” in November.

Here’s a look at the satirical front page:

Fake Boston Globe Trump front page
A satirical front page produced for The Boston Globe’s anti-Trump editorial. The Boston Globe


As reported by Business Insider