Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav
Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav. (photo credit:REUTERS)


Former president Moshe Katsav’s request for early release from prison was denied by the parole board on Wednesday.

Katsav had asked to be released early after having served approximately two-thirds of a seven-year sentence for rape.

The Israel Prisons Service parole board explained its decision as being based on its review of the issues “fitting to be released with conditions” and “dangers of being released.”

They wrote, “before us is a prisoner who denies that he committed the crimes, who continues to claim his innocence despite the court decisions…which was manifested in his appearance before us.”

Katsav acted “as if there was no legal proceedings and he continues even today as someone who has not undergone any treatment connected to the crimes which he perpetrated.”

Further, it noted the court slammed Katsav for the severity of his crimes, that “the crime victims expressed their position against his release before the board,” and that expert opinions rejected Katsav’s private proposed post-release program as being “capable…of preventing continued defective conduct.”

The former president’s “obsession with his innocence” damages his ability “to avoid the same risk” of his sexually assaulting more women, it said.

Katsav’s lawyer Tsion Amir told the press after the parole board’s denial that he would appeal the decision.

When asked how Katsav had received the decision, Amir said that Katsav was in “great pain,” and wanted to go home.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post