The controversial bill, which would allow the suspension of an MK by a majority of 90 votes, passed the first of three votes on Monday evening. 59 MKs voted yes, with 52 opposing.

The Knesset gave its initial approval for the controversial MK suspension bill, which would allow the Knesset to suspend a member by way of a 90-MK majority (75 percent of the Knesset, whose total membership is 120).

The bill was pushed by Prime Minister Benjaming Netanyahu, and came about following the meetings held by members of the Knesset Balad faction (which is part of the Joint List party) with family members of Palestinian terrorists.

Arab MKs during the pre-vote deliberations. (Photo: Knesset TV channel)
Arab MKs during the pre-vote deliberations. (Photo: Knesset TV channel)


The Knesset voted to approve the bill in a first round of votes by a 59:52 majority. This means it was approved by fewer than half of┬áthe total number of MKs, which could cause challenges for those wishing to defend it in the high courts. For severe enough offenses, an MK could be suspended until the end of their term, essentially meaning they would be ‘fired’ from the Knesset until the next elections.

A bill in the Knesset must pass three rounds of votes in order to officially become law. Monday evening’s vote was the first.

As reported by Ynetnews