A few travelers have come back to the US and reported the Royal Beach Hotel has bedbugs. We are not able to confirm this but many reports are coming in that these bed bugs are a type far worse than the ones found in NYC and can create bites and infections that can cause hospitalization.

Address: Ha-Yarkon St 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
We have reached out to:
Moshe Kanyas manager of the Royal Beach for comment and has not returned any emails.
We have also reached out to:
Tel: 03-7405001   054-9200760
Fax: 03-7405005
[email protected] | www.isrotel.com
They have also refused to confirm or deny this.
Other complaints about the Royal beach include a nice pool that is essentially unusable as the structure has been built in a way that creates a wind tunnel and renders the pool freezing and completely useless.
The building also casts shadows that prevent you from getting a tan.
As the Holiday approaches and thousands plan to fly to Tel Aviv please be careful about where you book.