Rockland County, NY – A three year long federal corruption probe is expected to create a major shakeup in Rockland County next week, with up to 50 people, the majority of whom are elected officials, reportedly facing federal indictments.

Several high ranking sources told News 12 that the FBI investigation focuses on the funding of Provident Bank Park, a Ramapo stadium that is home to a Can-Am league baseball team.  In addition to elected officials, the indictments are also expected to name several Chasidic businessmen with Israeli passports who illegally channeled money both to the stadium and to private yeshivas.

Federal agents raided the Ramapo Town hall in May 2013, spending more than six hours seizing boxes of documents as well as data files, as previously reported on VIN News.  At the time, FBI agents refused to divulge what records they were looking for, noting only that the search warrant was under seal and not a matter of public record.  Speculation has lingered since that time that the search was related to the construction of Provident Bank Park, a project that was overwhlemingly rejected by voters but was approved by town officials, with questionable financing put in place that may leave taxpayers footing a hefty $60 million bill.

It is unknown if Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence who maintains close ties with the Chasidic community will be named in the indictment. St. Lawrence was unavailable for comment this afternoon.

The death of a Suffern man ten days ago may well be related to the corruption probe.  Sources said that 60 year old Thomas Vanderbeek, the county’s former director of transportation, was aware that he was under investigation by the FBI, prompting him to take his own life.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias