New York, NY – A New York City police officer was struck with a bullet in his ankle early on Saturday after he arrived at the scene of a large fight in the Bronx and a man opened fire on him, police said.

The shooting came a day after a gunman shot and seriously wounded a Philadelphia police officer, in an attack that authorities said he claimed to have carried out “in the name of Islam.”

In New York, officer Sherrod Stuart, 25, in New York, who was assigned to a plain-clothes unit, and other officers responded to the scene of a large fight with guns, bats and knives early on Saturday in the Bronx, Police Commissioner William Bratton said.

Stuart and his partner chased a man involved in the fight, and the man opened fire, Bratton said. Stuart was struck in the right ankle and returned fire, striking the suspected shooter, 19-year-old Christopher Rice, four times, Bratton said.

The wounding of Stuart on Saturday coincided with his four-year anniversary with the New York Police Department, Bratton said.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias