Equal Rights Treatment for Refugees, (ERTR), was initially committed to an objective approach to issues of refugees in the Middle East and elsewhere.  It was to seek the assurance of a just and equal treatment of refugees by all governments and international organizations.

The Syrian crisis has added even more relevance to the goals of our organization.refugees-are-human-beings-oki

Historically, it is a fact that some refugees have been treated and funded in a manner that is to be construed as unfair and inequitable when compared to the treatment of other populations that have become refugees. For example, Palestinians have been treated more favorably than Kurds, Iranians, Christians, the Yezidis and Jewish Arabs in the Middle East.

Competing Non Governmental Organizations tied to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), have distorted the reality of the refugees in the Middle East and many parts of the world. Challenging and often contradictory aims of these UNHCR-reliant NGOs involved in helping refugees have led to a crisis in Europe and North America as recipients of the flow of so many people fleeing from the areas of conflict.  However, such policies have overlooked the fact that amongst genuine refugees, there is now a larger number of economic migrants, criminal elements and radical Islamists from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Thus, part of the UNHCR’s pool of funds has been wasted on fake refugees as the real ones have remained deprived of assistance.

The UNHCR-connected NGOs have committed their efforts to resettlement and integration mostly in specific countries in Western Europe principally Germany, Sweden and Austria. These organizations, however, have overlooked the fact that refugees can be resettled in many parts of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Gulf countries or even Latin America where the cost of resettlement and integration would be comparably cheaper than in Western Europe and North America and less disruptive. This would also be a more economically rational approach for future crises.

Furthermore, past evidence has failed to prove the effectiveness of the efforts of some of such UNHCR-connected NGOs. One case in point would be the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) which has systematically failed to complete the process of resettlement and integration of the Palestinian refugees while generations of Arab Jewish refugees, with no assistance, have moved, integrated and settled down in other parts of the world.

The Equal Rights Treatment for Refugees  is seeking funding in getting this message heard in both Europe and North America. Your contributions will help them achieve the goals that they are pursuing.

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