Netanyahu Putin
Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin.. (photo credit:GPO)


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed, on Monday the importance of Israeli-Russian military cooperation to prevent “unnecessary accidents” at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir¬†Putin near Paris.

“The events of recent days prove the importance of our coordination, our deconfliction mechanisms, our attempts to cooperate with each other, to prevent unnecessary accidents, tragedies, and I believe that we’ve been successful,” Netanyahu told Putin.

Putin praised the “mechanism of cooperation” which the two sides have established regarding Russia’s military operations in Syria.

“Let me note that the mechanism that has been promoted by you and proposed by you, that presupposes contacts with our military to prevent incidents to or due to the traumatic developments in the region has been efficient,” Putin said.

The two leaders met on the on the sidelines of the United Nations climate talks at Le Bourget near Paris.

The meeting came less than a week after the Turkish military downed a Russian warplane that Ankara said had breached Turkish airspace while flying missions in Syria.

Moscow said earlier in the day that it would ban mainly imports of agricultural products from Turkey due to the incident.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday his government would act “patiently, not emotionally” before taking any measures in response to Russia’s decision to impose sanctions on Turkey.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post