We sat down with JRL to do an exclusive interview. Justin Ross Lee has many travel Youtube videos and has a large following. We set up to do the interview as we normally do with a pen and paper but JRL is a larger than life character and some of his answers and mannerisms and Chutzpah can not be captured on paper so we decided to put the entire video on Youtube as is and you can all make your own judgments about him.

He has a girlfriend that he travels with and is sometimes part of his shtick  so we interviewed her as well to get her side of the story and to get her opinion of him. We added her answers to the end of this article.

The interview was done awhile ago but following his appearance on the show “The Matchmaker” he got into a very public fight with Patti Stanger the host and we were supposed to followup his interview with an interview with her so we waited to post the video.

At the end we could not get Patti to do a live interview and wanted just to do a phone interview so we decided to pass and only include his side of the story.

Q. Describe what you like about him?
In my eyes what isn’t there to like about Justin? His sense of humor is a given. He always keeps me laughing. I’ve never met someone with such curiosity and eagerness to see the world. He’s taken me places I never would have thought I’d ever see. He also has a HUGE dick…which is the only way he pulls off occasionally acting like one. Charm goes a long way with women but confidence drives it home.
Q.  What is really like when hes alone?
Justin has one of the most brilliant, unique minds out there. There’s no doubt about that. He’s constantly in thought and focused on what’s next. Together we both play into the typical gender roles. He’s very much the alpha male, while I’m his “shiksa geisha” we like it that way.  (Breakfast in bed, BJ’s while he sips a a martini.) His wish is my command. I’m a jewess in training 🙂
Q. Does his antics have any effect on your relationship?
His antics don’t just have an effect on our relationship but are the basis of our relationship. For our first date he blindfolded me with a Pretentious Pocket, so I had no idea where I was going and the next thing I know I’m on a private jet on my way to the Versace Mansion in Miami with him!
Q. Can just say something about the nicer side of him, the side that nobody else sees , how does he act.
Justin is a big mystery to a lot of people but I will reveal three things about him.
1. He is a huge romantic. Every trip I have ever been on with him…every destination has always been a surprise.
2. He is the most thoughtful person I know. For example, I mentioned in passing how I wanted to see this adorable endangered creature called the  “Slow Loris” that only lives in Indonesia….so he surprised me a few weeks later with a trip to Central Java to see a Slow Loris!
3. Justin is a gentleman in the 1920’s definition of the term. He always pulls out my chair, opens doors for me, takes of his jacket when I’m cold and even lets me have the window seat! He always makes sure I cum first.