Apple Watch


The Apple Watch isn’t a flop. It’s just too new.

That’s the gist of some recent findings by Wristly, a research firm that surveys Apple Watch owners.

The firm polled owners about their conversations with people who hadn’t bought one. Why were the holdouts holding out?

Price was the No. 1 reason, with 34% of the holdouts saying that it was a reason they hadn’t bought it.

That’s the same percentage of people who said they weren’t buying it because it was too new and untested, although these holdouts were split into two groups. Twenty-one percent were positive, but said that they were waiting for a future version, while 13% said they didn’t buy first-generation products — period.

As far as the complaint that the watch isn’t useful, only 17% said that that was a reason they hadn’t bought one.

These results are probably a little skewed by the social dynamics of the interaction. It’s hard to tell somebody who’s showing off their new gadget that you don’t know why you’d buy one. It’s more polite to blame the price.

Even so, this suggests that the Apple Watch could follow the path of the iPhone, as Apple lowers the price and works out any kinks.

As reported by Business Insider