Mahmoud Zahar
Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar. (photo credit:REUTERS)


Mahmoud Zahar,  a senior Hamas official in the Gaza Strip, on Monday voiced support for the “militarization” of the current “intifada” against Israel.

Commenting on Sunday night’s terror attacks in Beersheba, Zahar criticized Palestinians who are opposed to the use of firearms in the ongoing wave of terror attacks against Israel.

Zahar said that the Beersheba terror attack was a “small scenario of how to liberate Palestine.” He was referring to the fact that the terrorist had used a pistol and a rifle in his attack.

Zahar said that the terrorist had to snatch the weapons from an IDF soldier because he did not have such firearms or ammunition in the first place.

“If he had had weapons, he and some of his friends would have been able to liberate the entire area of Beersheba,” the Hamas leader said. He also pointed out that video footage from the scene showed Israeli soldiers fleeing the scene “in panic.”

He said that this showed why there was no reason why Palestinians should not resort to the use of firearms in the current attacks on Israel.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post